domenica 21 ottobre 2012

TOTH - JIMMY WAKELY 08 The Lost City of Blue Valley (Bernard Sachs inks), + Big Town Roundup (Bernard Sachs inks), November 1950.

TOTH - JIMMY WAKELY 07 The Secret of Hairpin Canyon (Bernard Sachs inks) + Desert Justice (Frank Giacoia inks), September 1950.

TOTH - JIMMY WAKELY 06 The Two Lives of Jimmy Wakely (Joe Giella inks) + The Mesa of Murderous Melody (Joe Giella inks) + The Treasure at Rainbow’s End (Joe Giella inks?), July1950.

TOTH - JIMMY WAKELY 05 The Return of the Conquistadors (Joe Giella inks) + Sing, Cowboy, Sing (Bernard Sachs ink) + Bullets are Bad Luck (Joe Giella inks), May 1950.

venerdì 19 ottobre 2012

TOTH - JIMMY WAKELY 04 Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire !… Gunfire + (Joe Giella inks) + Outlaws of the Night (Joe Giella inks), March 1950.

TOTH - JIMMY WAKELY 03 The Return of Tulsa Tom (Joe Giella inks?) + Prairie Town’s 30-Day Wonder (Joe Giella inks?) + The Comeback Trail (Bernard Sachs inks?), January 1950.

TOTH - JIMMY WAKELY 02 The Trail of the Compass (Joe Giella inks) + The Prize Pony (Bernard Sachs inks) +The Secret of the Wooden Indian (Bernard Sachs inks), November 1949.

TOTH - JIMMY WAKELY 14 The Badmen of Roaring Flame Valley, November 1951.

TOTH - JIMMY WAKELY 12 The King of Sierra Valley (with Sy Barry?), July 1951.

martedì 9 ottobre 2012